Saturday, May 2, 2009

in which the year ends at the first post

and now...for my first trick: i will take lots of money, invest it in a very expensive art school, and hopefully get some art out of it!

here's some stuff i've done for school this year...
final drawing project from last semester: showing an object in many phases of motion...i like phones.
charcoal on newsprint.

next up are the Van Wezel projects for my color class:
this one was based on a performance by the National Acrobats of China. and they were amazing. i wanted to try a different style than my usual stuff...

this is based on Swan Lake. i love ballet... didn't like so much how this came out, though...
more photoshop!

lastly, some stuff from me playing around in Corel Painter X:
first try. just a doodle, but i like green and pink, i guess...

third try. what happened to the second? didn't like it. XP

...i seem to like green, yes?

soo, i'm thinking that i love painter and will probably be using it all summer. if i'm not too lazy, once i get home next week i might actually get pics of my figure work from this semester and some of my better stuff from last semester. :D

this year's been awesome, and all miss all my artsy friends...until next time!


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Nina Loughlin said...

and we will miss you! :D