Sunday, May 24, 2009

in which i'm watching star wars

so i've finally taken a few pictures of my figure stuff, as well as my final project from intro to illustration.
here we go! off to neverland!

Contextual Figure Drawing:
made by covering the page and erasing away. i really like this one.
charcoal; model: can't remember her name, but she was good.
from the last drawing day of figure.
charcoal; model: don't know her name either, but she was super thin!
charcoal, black conte, white conte; i believe this model's name is Barry.
charcoal; model: Annie, one of my fave models this semester.
one of my other favorites i did this semester.
white conte; model: that girl that looks just like a fairy.
Introduction to Illustration:
the final project was to take a nursery rhyme and spin it into something completely different. this was mine:
Jack be nimble.
Jack be quick.
Jack FAIL over a candle stick.

that's all, folks! i'm supposed to be designing and building spacey, death star-esque sets for the Great Escape this summer. if they turn out okay, i'll post pics. :)



Cannibalistic_Cacti said...

Wow, that first figure looks great. I like the concept and point of view on the Illustration, but I feel like it could use some darker values. What medium did you do that in, acrylic, caran d'ache, watercolor?

toughtink said...

it's acrylic. part of the problem is the picture quality. *was too lazy to scan it* ^_^'

Andrew Ekeren said...

Are you doing some concepts for sci-fi version of the Great Escape? Sounds like it could be pretty fun.

I'm working with two friends of mine, a concept artist and a write, to get down the basis for a universe this summer. Progress is inhibited by the Glass Fellowship and the Illustration Academy, but it is progress nonetheless!