Sunday, May 24, 2009

in which i'm watching star wars

so i've finally taken a few pictures of my figure stuff, as well as my final project from intro to illustration.
here we go! off to neverland!

Contextual Figure Drawing:
made by covering the page and erasing away. i really like this one.
charcoal; model: can't remember her name, but she was good.
from the last drawing day of figure.
charcoal; model: don't know her name either, but she was super thin!
charcoal, black conte, white conte; i believe this model's name is Barry.
charcoal; model: Annie, one of my fave models this semester.
one of my other favorites i did this semester.
white conte; model: that girl that looks just like a fairy.
Introduction to Illustration:
the final project was to take a nursery rhyme and spin it into something completely different. this was mine:
Jack be nimble.
Jack be quick.
Jack FAIL over a candle stick.

that's all, folks! i'm supposed to be designing and building spacey, death star-esque sets for the Great Escape this summer. if they turn out okay, i'll post pics. :)


Saturday, May 16, 2009

in which i'm up too late

still haven't gotten pics of my school stuff BUT, i drew another pictureeeeeeeee. on painter again, with a little work in photoshop:i like parts of it... her nose is still off, but i'm tired. AND i need to get up tomorrow morning. blegh! g'night, folks!


p.s. i love the random painterly backgrounds you can make in painter.....C:

Friday, May 15, 2009

in which i wake up at a decent hour

that's right, folks, i woke up before noon today! of course, that's not counting the nap i took right around 10 am when i started feeling the lack of extra sleep... STILL. i woke up at 6:37, built up the courage to open my blinds, and found that the sunrise was breathtaking. so i argued with myself for even longer about painting what i saw. well, i won/lost that argument, and this is the result:
(pretend there's a window frame around it)

once again, made in Corel Painter

oh...soo....also, i still haven't taken pictures of my artwork from this year yet....but i will! and upload them....or at least, the better ones.

happy summer, unless you're in the southern hemisphere, in which case: happy winter!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

in which i dump too much art

just scanned a bunch of stuff, mostly from color, intro to ill, and a couple things from figure...

Introduction to Illustration:
toys still life; triadic color scheme.
yellow-green, blue-violet, red-orange = bbf4eva!

toys still life; black and white.
ignore the wonkiness please...

serenity; based on a simple composition.
our first real project, actually...

singer sewing machine; an object in 2 point perspective.

deer skull still life.
i wish we had had more than one class to work on this...

edit:moreeee picturessss.
Observational Color:
random still lifes in acrylic and crayon

trompe loei'l cracker.
in pencil.

and in pencil with acrylic glazing.

Contextual Figure:
Matt; portrait.

hands; belonging to Matt and Pui Yan.

that's all for now, folks!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

in which the year ends at the first post

and now...for my first trick: i will take lots of money, invest it in a very expensive art school, and hopefully get some art out of it!

here's some stuff i've done for school this year...
final drawing project from last semester: showing an object in many phases of motion...i like phones.
charcoal on newsprint.

next up are the Van Wezel projects for my color class:
this one was based on a performance by the National Acrobats of China. and they were amazing. i wanted to try a different style than my usual stuff...

this is based on Swan Lake. i love ballet... didn't like so much how this came out, though...
more photoshop!

lastly, some stuff from me playing around in Corel Painter X:
first try. just a doodle, but i like green and pink, i guess...

third try. what happened to the second? didn't like it. XP

...i seem to like green, yes?

soo, i'm thinking that i love painter and will probably be using it all summer. if i'm not too lazy, once i get home next week i might actually get pics of my figure work from this semester and some of my better stuff from last semester. :D

this year's been awesome, and all miss all my artsy friends...until next time!