Thursday, September 17, 2009

in which there are many a character

so this is all part of our first project in Concept/Character/Environment, which basically involves creating characters.

the first part:
to create a bunch of silhouettes and doodles and then refine them into different characters....basically.

i like the poofy girl, but i wanna try more designs for her because that one's a bit stiff?

the second part:
to find forms and faces in textures in photographs and refine them into fully rendered characters.

ehhh....i like these better. the tiny leaf girl is best friends with the pointy guy. C:

the third part:
working on it! it'll consist of forcefitting two things into one creature. the first character will be an animal and an insect (marmoset and harlequin cabbage bug for me); the second is an animal and a vehicle (i got a wolf and a chopper).
....we'll see how this turns out.


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Charles Valsechi III said...

Loving some of these concepts! Keep it up.